NEXT.JS 14 Yatra: The Complete Fullstack Course | JIRA BOARD PROJECT



  • You will build a JIRA Board Clone.
  • Contains FREE eBook: The Complete JavaScript Handbook
  • 1499/- is the lowest the course will ever go. As we progress and add more content, the price will increase.

In this comprehensive course, you'll:

  • Build a JIRA Clone: Get hands-on experience by developing a JIRA clone, honing your project management skills along the way.

  • Embrace Industry Standards: Embrace SOPs encompassing Low-Level Design, API Contract Creation, Coverage Driven Development, Meaningful Unit Testing, Component Library Creation, Config Driven UI, and the mobile-first approach.

  • Beginner-Friendly Approach: No prior knowledge of NextJS is required! This course caters to beginners and seasoned developers alike.

  • Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies: Dive deep into NextJs 14, Postgres, Prisma, and Tailwind CSS.

  • Master Efficient Data Handling: Harness the power of Postgres and Prisma for seamless data management.

  • Elevate Your UI: Craft sleek and modern UIs with Tailwind CSS, Radix UI, and shadcn components.

  • Continuous Learning: Benefit from ongoing content updates beyond the initial project completion.


  • JIRA Board
    • Module 1 (Introduction, LLD, Project Setup, CDD Pipeline & Deployment)
      • Introduction
      • Why learn NextJS? How web worked before NextJS?
      • LLD
      • Project Setup
      • Setup Test Env and CDD pipelines
      • Deployment
    • Module 2 (Diving Into Backend)
      • Setup Backend
      • Seeding DB
      • Fetch Board API
      • Move Ticket API
    • Module 3 (Diving Into Frontend)
      • Setup Authentication
      • Server & Client Components
      • Routing Patterns
      • Layouts
      • Setup Theme & Tailwind
      • Setup Storybook
      • Navbar Using Composition
      • Avatar
      • Logout Feature
      • Theme Toggle
      • Push Changes To GitHub
      • Config Driven UI
      • Fix Navbar Lint Issues And Merge PR
      • StoryBook for Navbar
      • Testing Navbar
      • Side Nav & Server Actions
      • Side Nav Continued
      • Side Nav Drawer
      • Board Page Server Actions
      • Board Page UI
      • Drag & Drop React Beautiful DND
      • Save Ticket Position On Backend
      • Create Ticket UI
      • Form Validations - Create Ticket
      • Fetch users + Fix tests
      • Saving Ticket Data on Backend
      • View Ticket Feature
  • Bonus / Extras
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